[UPDATE: That's it on our exclusive stream of Wolle Nyvelt and Blair Habenicht's full part from Absinthe's 'Heavy Mental'. If you missed it, be sure to grab a copy of the movie on iTunes and stay tuned for Victor Daviet's part dropping on the site next week]

We're proud to present Wolfgang Nyvelt and Blair Habenicht's insane shared full part from Absinthe Film's 'Heavy Mental', online for 48 hours only. Watch it while you can!

Wolle Nyvelt and Blair Habenicht have been putting out incredible parts for years now, and when we heard that they'd be sharing a part in the new Absinthe movie 'Heavy Mental', we just knew it would be a good one.

From Wolle's precise dissection of the backcountry, on both his regular snowboard, as well as his Äsmo powdersurfer, to Blair's big mountain and backcountry freestyle assault, there is more than enough here to give you your powder fill this week.

Don't miss some incredible binding-less tricks from Wolle (how crazy is that dam wallride at 3.54?) and one heck of an avalanche escape from Blair.

All told, this is one full part you do not want to miss, and it's only online for 48 hours. For more 'Heavy Mental', be sure to grab a copy of the full movie on the iTunes store.

Cover photo: Wolle Nyvelt by Scott Sullivan