The man of who's only a letter away from steel has dropped his first edit of the season and by all that is holy and spiritual in the world, is it a good 'un. Whilst we're still biting our nails and sacrificing interns to the Gods until another RK1 edit drops, this helps us with the wait.

Ståle Sandbech has been holed up in Stubai for a while now, and finally we get the chance to check out what the wünderkind has been getting up to high on the glaciers of Austria.

Now anyone that says style is dead in competitive snowboading after watching this edit should contact their nearest optician for an eye test because we're worried that you might be going blind. The Backside 360 Melon to Method is on an entire new plain of body contortion.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for an Onboard follow-cam cameo from Sam Oetiker at 1:07 - did someone say top to bottom?