Check out a blinder of a part from British rider Will Smith in The Grindhouse's 'Mind Games'.

Will Smith may get a lot of stick for sharing his name with a (let's face it) absolute boss of a actor/rapper/fresh prince, but his riding style and penchant for technical rail tricks is 100% his own.

Like many of the UK's finest, Will learnt to snowboard on the unforgiving bristles that constitute dryslopes, and has gone on to adapt the skills that he honed there to the streets of Europe and further afield.

Will's ender part in the latest Grindhouse movie 'Mind Games' is almost 5 minutes of straight hammers. From the technical (the back 1 on, switch back 3 off at 00.57) to the creative (the cab 2 pop over to wallride at 1.20), to the downright gnarly (that biiig down flat down ender?), Will's got all of the bases covered here.

It's made even sweeter thanks to some beautiful cinematography from Grindhouse lens boss and editing whizz Jamie Durham and combined with the level of snowboarding, this could very well be the most legit street part to come out of the UK ever.

Look out for Will in the new Grindhouse Movie 'Hallucinate' as well as in the new Postland Theory movie 'Connect The Dots'.