Check out this amazing edit of 11 year old British rider Will Gilmore shutting down Milton Keynes Sno!Zone. For a kid his age and size, Will's got some massive tricks and a great style.

We just got sent this super sick edit of an 11 year old ripper from England called Will Gilmore. Will rides at Milton Keynes Sno!Zone every week, and it really shows in his riding.

With a picture perfect frontside boardslide and plenty of big gaps to slides, including a massive gap frontside 270, it's super sick to see a kid of Will's age and stature throw down such big tricks. Best of all, rather than hucking his tiny frame and having us all wondering whether he's gonna get pummeled, everything Will does is calculated and planned, and with amazing style to boot.

But enough of our waffle, hit play and watch one of the most promising riders from the UK absolutely send it. Remember the name, this kid loves snowboarding and is in it for the long haul!