[UPDATE: Our 48-hour exclusivity has ended so hopefully you were hyped on Victor's part. For now, watch the Dopamine teaser above, and be sure to check out the full Dopamine movie on iTunes.]

Watch Victor de le Rue's mind blowing ender part from the latest Absinthe Films' flick Dopamine, right here, exclusively at Onboardmag.com. This one is off the scale!

Victor de le Rue has been killing it on a snowboard for years now. Although sometimes the victim of unintentional overshadowing by his legendary big brother Xavier, Victor has really come into his own over the last few years, dropping some insane video parts. We not quite sure what mummy and daddy de le Rue fed these two when they were growing up but they've produced two phenomenal snowboarders.

Victor logged so many hammers last season that Absinthe deemed it worthy of the coveted final section of their movie. It's not difficult to see why as Victor's part truly has something for everyone. From the massive opening cab 5 to streets spots, big mountain lines, and that insane double barrel roll ender, this is five minutes of snowboarding from a man at the very top of his game.

Don't miss the shot of the quite frankly bat-shit crazy one-foot stepdown onto a pillow that rightfully earned the cover of Onboard issue 143. Photographer Matt Georges reckons it was one of the craziest things he's ever seen on a snowboard, and that's certainly saying something:

We spent a week in San Martino Di Castrozza with the Absinthe Films crew and for some reason we didn't see this spot until the last day, when Victor pointed it out with a weird idea in mind. He wanted to gap the whole thing one-footed, tap the pillow and travel way further down to land in a small pocket. We were a pretty big crew this day, around 10 people, so we sat down on our boards and ate lunch while watching him. Unfortunately we couldn't finish our sandwich in time as he landed it first try! Anyway that was the gnarliest trick I've ever witnessed in my life! - Matt Georges

Be sure to check out Victor's part above and be quick as it's only available to watch online for 48 hours!

For more on Dopamine, be sure to check out the Absinthe website and download the special Absinthe app. And if you haven’t seen the movie in full yet, well, you’re totally blowing it!