You may, or may not, have seen the video of skier Cody Townsend skiing a mind-blowingly narrow couloir this past week (the video now has over 4 million views), which many are claiming is 'The Most Insane Ski Line EVER'.


What you may not know, is that Travis Rice was actually the first rider through the chute a few days prior to Cody, which he and Eric Jackson coined 'The Crack'. The pair even spent hours cutting away the cornice above it so they could access it.

The footage of Travis tackling this beast will feature in the follow up to 'The Art of Flight', but due to the movie being a 3 year project, Cody managed to unknowingly follow in Travis' footsteps and get the footage out there first.

We just wanted to set the record straight that Travis was in fact the first person on the planet to conquer this beast, and we can't wait to see the footage in his new movie.

In the meantime, take a look at what his GoPro captured from the top of the drop in. Quite frankly, it's terrifying.