If you haven't clocked it yet, Tim Humphreys is very good at operating a GoPro. Watch what he put down with his tiny box of magic at the GoPro Athlete camp in Laax.

You can't go an on the hill these days without seeing someone using a GoPro. The cameras have become so ubiquitous in winter sports that there is a lot of dud footage floating around out there.

Thankfully for our aching eyeballs, Tim Humphreys is that the very top of the food chain when it comes to producing sick GoPro footage and his latest edit from the GoPro Athlete camp in Laax is no exception.

The camp was put on so that GoPro could fill their riders in on how to get the most out of their cameras, and Tim Humphreys probably felt like the smug know-it-all in school hearing the same info for the tenth time.

Watch him put down some hammers from multiple angles in the snowboarder's paradise that is Laax. That handheld stuff is so next level.

From Tim Humphreys: The awesome folks over at GoPro decided it would be a wondrous idea to gather some of their best snow athletes and media producers, get us all together in one of the best places in the world, Laax Switzerland, and let us have at a private terrain park for 4 days. Big thanks to GoPro for putting it all on, and the park crew at Snowpark Laax for maintaining some immaculate jumps! Here's those 4 days from my GoPro's point of view, with a special appearance from Iceland's own Halldor Helgason, and filming by some of the best GoPro Gurus: Abe Kislevitz, Matt Cook, Caleb & Chris Farro, and Morgan OliverAllen!