Damn, is there anything this dude can't do? It seems not. This is the ultimate showreel for Mike Knobel's talents. Take a good look.

Super smooth style while sending it on big backcountry kickers? Check. A well-established and confident artistic vision? Check. An all original soundtrack crafted by the man himself? Check. Unique motion graphics? Check.

In an age where most snowboard movies are filmed over multiple winters with crews the size of small Hollywood productions, it's insanely refreshing to find a guy like Mike Knobel who has the dedication, skills and patience to do it almost all himself. With just a handful of filmers and a tonne of hard work on his own time, this full movie was well worthy of a post up here. Major props should go to Aemka for putting this all together!

Mike "Aemka" Knobel presents SWISS ARTSY KNIFE 2 - Full Movie

The long due sequel to Swiss Artsy Knife is finally here!

Just like the famous Swiss Army Knife, Mike "aemka" Knobel is a jack of all trades and arguably the only snowboarder to single-handedly make an entire movie solely with his own creative and athletic powers. Only the filming was left to a handful of talented friends and professionals. Follow Aemka on his path living a life full of snow, paint, pixels and drum-machines in a never ending quest to perfect his craft. Also features some surprise cameos by some fellow shredders!


ARTWORK by aemka

MUSIC by aemka

EDITING & POST by aemka


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