Say hello to Sune Busch and check out his full part, it's dope. But if you're hanging with the likes of Øivind Fykse, Marius Schafferer and Len Jørgensen you gotta stay G.

That first hardway 270 is so smooth we can't even comprehend how insane Sune's style is yet, we just know we want to see way more of him. How on earth he got the better of that kink at the end is beyond us. Big up Sune!!

Film by ⟿ Mikkel Fykse / Øivind Fykse / Vetle Hazeland / Qiteraq Eugenius / Matias Marman

Edited by ⟿ Rasmus Nielsen ⟴ Jahlife

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Song by ⟿ Young Thug - Hercules