Check out 17 year old Scottish rider Stu Innes' season edit, shot entirely in Scotland!

If you live in Central Europe where legit mountains are only a short drive away, it can be easy to forget how good you have it sometimes.

Scotland is perhaps more well known for it's heavy rain, wind and bagpipes rather than amazing snow conditions, but that certainly doesn't stop kids from getting stuck into snowboarding.

In fact, if you ever pay a visit to Scotland you'll discover that there's a super tight knit community of snowboarders up there, who make the best of what they have on dryslope facilities and up in the Scottish Highlands, where believe it not, you'll find pisted runs and chairlifts.

Stu Innes has just released his season edit, which features some technical tricks on the rails at Aberdeen Snowsports centre and a street rail hit with zero snow in sight - how's that for commitment?

From eight different 180 on, to 360 off variations (switch back 180 on pretzel back 3 off anyone?), plus a bunch of 270 ons, 360 ons and pretzels/danishes for days, there's no questioning the benefits of having a setup that you can lap over and over again.

Sure, some of these tricks, as well as the shooting/editing could be cleaned up a bit for the next edit, but the sheer number of tricks here are no doubt a solid foundation from which to build upon.

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