Check out Spencer O'Brien and Anna Gasser's new spring edit, filled with hammer shots logged across the globe in 2014. The two ladies are at the forefront of women's snowboarding!

Spencer O'Brien and Anna Gasser are two ladies from completely different walks of life who have been brought together through their shared love of snowboarding.

With Spencer hailing from snowy British Columbia, Canada and Anna Gasser from a small lake-town in Southern Austria, the pair have become close friends over the past few seasons on their travels across the globe on the competitive snowboard circuit.

Their new joint edit pulls together all of their best shots from the past spring and summer, from sunset shots at Mt. Hood to follow cams at Ms. Superpark, and kicker shots in Anna's Austrian backyard. With a slew of slow, stylish spins - from poked out 180s through to textbook 720s, we love everything about the way these two snowboard.

Spencer and Anna definitely know a thing or two about sending it off jumps, and it's safe to say that between them, the future of women's freestyle snowboarding is in very good hands.

Edit by Joe Carlino