Sparrow Knox is one funny dude! You just gotta watch his full part from TacoTrips ‘Bee’s Knees’ to know he's got a few screws loose but he sure can shred and is hands down one of our favourite riders to watch. We're just glad he wears a helmet.

His opening part in this full movie doesn't look at all out of place next to insane riders like Luude Lejkner, it's so sick to see a UK shred getting deep in the game. There's some mad spots here too, from the massive gap to down rail in front of the motorway, the giant stone wall kink rail and the flat bar, gap to downrail 2 minutes in. Sparrow is insane at picking spots and always throws down with style. Yes mate! How he rides away from that board snap we'll never know.

Presented by Analog Clothing & Picture Organic Clothing

Filmed and edited by Dennis Ylikangas with additional filming by Mikael Norrman, Alex Weir, Andreas Olofsson, Elmar Bossard, Kristofer Fahlgren & Johannes Brenning