For this weeks 'Snowboarding: For Me' hit from Oakley, we take to the streets with two of the longest serving Finlanders in the game to see them put it down on home turf.

Eero Ettala recently revealed that he's going to be taking a step back from the snowboard world, and he's actually filming for his last video part as we speak. We reckon Eero is one of the hardest working snowboarders in the game, we've lost count of the amount of edits and films he appears in each season.

We think in 2008 he appeared in three full length films; Nitro's 'Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die', Park City's original 'I Ride Park City' project, and Mack Dawg Production's 'Double Decade'. No doubt, he probably was in a slew of edits online as well - he was one of the first riders to really embrace the online platform of getting video parts out.

Eero's joined by long time friend and legend in his own right Mr Heikki Sorsa. It's easy to forget how much Heikki has done in his career; from silver medal mohawks to pipe sessions with Shaun White, Heikki has been there and done that. We're not sure what the future holds for Heikki, but we hope he's not bowing out with Eero.

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