Check this solid full street part from Aussie ripper Andy James, put together with zero budget while filming for the new Snackbreak movie 'Snackfooty'.

We hadn't heard of Andy James before, but he managed to put together a decent street edit last winter in Canada and Australia.

Here's more from filmer and fellow Snackbreak rider Tommi Ollikainen:

"You've probably not heard of Andy James before, but he has crazy skills and never stops pushing it... We rode together in Perisher Australia this season, and he didn't even have a pass, but still managed to get more riding days than most kids around. He will be filming for Snackbreak's second movie with us this season.

This is his shots from this season - he wasn't part of any crew but managed to push his friends in Canada enough to get to the streets and film. Then we linked up in Australia, and tried to make the most out of the few spots there are (it was basically just us two filming each other all southern hemisphere season). Even with limited/no crew he managed to get some pretty sick footage, and I was happy to edit it and shoot 90% of his aussie footy.

Can't wait to see what he gets up to with a proper crew this year."

Amen to that!