Shred Bots are back on point with Darcy Sharpe, coming to you from the Whistler spring season. Looks damn fine to us.

Darcy's had a decent season this year, on both a filming and a competitive front. He's snapped up a few podiums, as well as filming more with T.Mo, and the gang. In actual fact, he was in one of our favourite edits of the season alongside Brage Richenberg and Alek Ă˜streng, back in February.

This time Darcy's in a league of his own with an edit with more bustle than Gare du Nord. He's one one of those riders that looks as comfortable locking into 270 on, 270 outs, as he is launching into some lofty frontside airs on the hip. Some might argue that he has a bit of that 'comp style' though, but (sacrebleu!) we quite like how solid it can look.

Either way, enjoy the Sharpe getting some snowboarding into your eyeballs.