Shayne Pospisil has just come through with one of the powder parts of the year! Watch him blast through pillows and kick up some huge rooster tails in a part that will have you craving for winter to properly begin.

Shayne Pospisil has been quietly killing it for years. Hailing from New Jersey, Shayne made a name for himself on the east coast contest scene before gravitating more towards powder riding in recent years.

With a starring role in Jake Blauvelt's 'Naturally' and this heavy new full part under his belt, Shayne is becoming one of the hottest backcountry talents around.

Watch him slash some pristine powder, send it off the biggest cliffs and attack some serious booters on his Bataleon Camel Toe board (that he somehow manages to land switch on too!) and get hyped for the upcoming winter season. It's right around the corner!