From bouncing through epic pillow lines in BC to sending it off a massive windlip feature, Shayne Pospisil's 2013 full part is stacked with some incredible snowboarding.

Shayne Pospisil was somewhat of a hidden gem in Jake Blauvelt's Naturally but his style, matched with his ability to go massive in the backcountry should definitely not be overlooked. Like Jake, Shayne grew up riding the icy walls of Vermont halfpipes, which undoubtedly helped him to develop the kind of board control that easily puts him up there with the world's best.

These days Shayne gets more out of riding powder in the backcountry than hucking in icy pipes, but he's still managed to hold onto his ability to send it. His 2013 full part features a bunch of bangers from his appearance in Naturally as well as some epic bonus shots that the world wide web hasn't seen yet.

All in all it's an impressive section from a rider who in our eyes is pretty damn underrated in snowboarding right now. Give it a watch and let us know if you agree!

And if you haven't seen them yet, be sure to check out Jake Blauvelt and Eric Jackson's full parts. They're both well, well worth a watch.