HOLY HAMMERS. Shaun Murphy has just dropped his 2015 park part and it's pretty damn mind-blowing.

Shaun Murphy (not to be confused with the English snooker player of the same name) has been dropping heavy footage from Carinthia Parks at Mount Snow over on the east coast of the US for years now, and he's quickly become one of our favorite East Coast riders to watch next to the Yawgoons.

He's just released an edit pulling together all of his best park shots of the season, and it's safe to say that it deserves multiple viewings.

With a knack for the ridiculously tech (backside 180 on to fakie 50-50 revert cab 270 to regular?), combined with a solid eye for creative lines (that triple feature traverse at 1:15?) put simply: Shaun is just a damn good snowboarder.

While we haven't seen much of him outside of the park, we're sure Shaun managed to log some sick street stuff this season, and we're looking forward to seeing what he got soon.