No two ways about it, Sebastien Toutant fuckin' rips. Watch his full part from 2014/2015, featuring a bunch of shots that were in his X Games Real Snow part and more.

While Seb Toots probably isn't the kind of rider who'd slot right into a Videograss shoot, there's simply no denying that he's a machine at snowboarding.

From his backside 900s off the heels and heavy contest tricks to his entire X Games Real Snow part, (which was filmed in less than a month we might add), Seb Toots is perhaps the closest we have to a real-life video-game snowboarder.

From his roof drop to rail opener that would have even Dan Brisse second guessing, to his gap switch backside 360 onto one serious double kink, to that backlip pop-over to front board, the tricks in this thing verge on the ridiculous on multiple occasions.

Sure, the sound effects might be a little overdone, and people will no doubt bitch about how he wears a jacket in the streets, but there's just no question that Seb rips. Seriously, this guy is too good to not have a board sponsor.