Timebomb are an upcoming crew out of Quebec and have just dropped the first part of their movie 'Reckless' online.

If previous crews to come out of Quebec are anything to go by (think Deja Vu and Brothers Factory), you'll know that these guys are well worth checking out.

Seb Picard scored the opener in their movie Reckless and his full part is now online in full. Look out for some super tech, stylish riding and get hyped for the next part dropping soon!

Here's what the guys had to say about their movie:

We spent the last season searching for new spots and killed the old ones all around the big province of Quebec. Reckless is a 6 months project of hard shovelling, long sessions, crappy food and cheap beer. All this hard work paid off just to get a good feeling of landing a trick, compensates for everything that went down!