Mathias, best known for his contest exploits, managed to ditch the bib and the result is not too shabby for a mere seven days' shooting!

This got filmed in only seven days total plus one day in the studio. Besides the heavy and stressful contest season I had a couple (yeah, seven haha) days off to shoot some backcountry, street and special park stuff so I'm actually stoked about the outcome and this little video.

Professional snowboarder Mathias Weissenbacher, outta Austria/Salzburg, is mostly known from riding at some of the world's biggest freestyle snowboard competitions. In this 'Season Cruise', however, he shows off some pretty sick hidden footage filmed during his busy contest season of 2015 edited together into a nice little piece of Art.

Mathias: "It´s actually pretty cool to see the outcome of filming only seven days for all the action, a busy contest season and still putting together a pretty nice little season part."

THANKS TO: Head Snowboards, Rip Curl, Blue Tomato,Absolutpark and Love Distribution