Scotty Vine full parts are sort of like Christmas dinners - they only come round once a year but when they do, they're pretty much the best things ever.

Scotty's parts always bring something new and unique to the table and the SoCal kid is a master of one-foot shredding. His part last year had one-footed boardslides through double kink rails and this year he steps up another level and chucks a ridiculous... well, we're not gonna spoil it for you. Just watch it.

Other than the one-foot stuff, expect a bunch more tricks that really show off Scotty's creativity and board control - be it tree taps, interesting re-directs and a unique take on some pretty unusual features. If he was on Capita we'd say that he devours everything, but since he's on Arbor let's just say that his trunks have hardened and his branches will cast intense shadows over yo ass. Or something.