Capita have released Scott Stevens' amazing opener from Defenders of Awesome 2 - how one man can constantly dream up as many different one-foot variations as Sleepy is beyond us!

Over the years, this quietly spoken, humble dude has put out some of the most revolutionary footage in the history of snowboarding, and it constantly baffles us how he manages to reinvent his riding and come up with new ways to rip his snowboard, year after year.

His part in last year's Capita movie 'Defenders of Awesome 2' was no exception, and from trampolines to caveman boardslides, to rock jibs, Scott Stevens left us all scratching our heads yet again. Previously a Transworld exclusive, Capita have opened up this part on their vimeo channel and it's the perfect opportunity to give it another watch if you missed it the first time (and even if you didn't).

As the founding and sole-member of an entire snowboarding sub-genre, Scott Stevens is undeniably in a league of his own - we don't think watching him do his thing will ever get old!