Capita have just released the final rider teaser for their new movie Defenders of Awesome 2 - STAY BAD ASS and it's the one everyone's been waiting for. Let Scott Stevens blow your perceptions of what's possible on a snowboard in this full b-roll part of shots that didn't make the cut.

Scott Stevens is one of the most innovative and creative snowboarders to ever strap in. His full skate part that dropped a few days back set the internet on fire, and if that wasn't enough, here is just over 2 minutes of brand new Stevens snowboard footage.

With one-foot ice slides, tail blocks, hippy jumps, and stuff we don't even know how to describe, it's incredible to think that this is all footage that didn't make it into his full part. What will be in his actual part?

Well, having seen the new movie a couple of weekends back, we can safely say that Scott's part will leave your jaw hanging.

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