Dakine have just dropped Sami Luhtanen's 2014 full part, featuring all of his shots from the new Pirates Movie 'Perceptions' re-edited into one explosive part.


Sami Luhtanen is a beast at snowboarding. The 21 year old Finnish rider is a wizard at skateboarding, and the influence in his snowboarding is difficult to miss. From big gaps to rails, to drops through building window frames, to an absolute beast of a creeper rail, Sami ticks a lot of boxes in this part.

Don't miss the insanely technical backside 180 to switch 50-50 through a super long kink rail at 1.18 and the backside rodeo through the window frame ender that would have been quite possibly one of the scariest tricks to attempt ever.

This is another hammer part to come out of Pirates' 'Perceptions'. If you missed them, be sure to check out Elias Elhardt and Gigi Rüf's parts too.