It's been one heck of a year for Sage Kotsenburg. From regular Park City snowboarder, to Olympic gold medallist and back again, Sage pretty much became the face of snowboarding last year, and we couldn't be more stoked for him.

It's pretty crazy to think that Sage Kotsenburg almost didn't even make it into the US slopestyle team. After a grueling qualification process that required Sage to place first in the final World Cup qualifying event, Sage had to pull out all of the stops to make it happen. And then once at Sochi to huck a 1620 in his run - a trick that he'd never even tried before, and ride away from it definitely took some heart.

In this season recap, Sage takes us through all the ups and downs of his past year, from winning the gold medal, to the ensuing media whirlwind and finally getting back to what brought him to that point in the first place: the snowboarding.

The best thing about Sage is that he's grounded. He doesn't seem to have let the hype or the attention change who he is. He's still the same goofy kid who likes to backflip over kickers and ride the park with his homies and he's exactly the kind of ambassador that snowboarding needs right now.

Here's to another successful year in 2015 dawg!