Extra stylish park footage from Japanese ripper Ryusei Takahashi, shot in the Whistler Blackcomb park.

There have been a lot of solid park edits coming from Japanese riders this season and Ryusei Takahashi is another name well worth checking out. Ryusei spent a few months out in the shred mecca of Whistler this season and logged some really sick footage in the park.

This guy's got a really buttery style when he rides and a big bag of tricks to boot, from technical jibs to big spins on the jumps in Whistler's highest level park. Hit play above and see if this doesn't bring you back to good times spent lapping the parks and pushing your snowboarding.

After spending more than half of 2014 season in Canada, Whistler Blackcomb park footage of Ryusei Takahashi has been released. He enjoyed enough in the park from jibbing to big jumps in Canada. He also seems to have spent fulfilling days with skateboarding after heading down from the mountain, and challenging for back country.