Wether it be surfing, skating or snowboarding, Johnny Pickup seems to have a knack for it. Even though he has only strapped in on a snowboard for the first time four years ago, he has gone through an impressive development ever since.

Having recently been hooked up with Rome, he also rides for Thirty Two, Transform Gloves, Dalikfodda and The Pretzel Company. Judging by the hammers he's been throwing out over the last season, that kid is definitely going places and one to watch out for. He's also featured in the Grindhouse new production 'Hallucination', for which we're pretty excited already.

This summer, he teamed up with finnish filmer Joonas Eloranta to work and film in Folgefonna. Their edit Scandinavian Summer got so much positive feedback, that they're heading to Austria this fall to film another episode. Make sure to be first ones to check out what they've been up to here on our very own website.