Check a ridiculously sick full skate part from Finnish slopestyle crusher Roope Tonteri.

It's a well known phenomena that many pro snowboarders take to their skate decks when they can't snowboard in the summer months, but few have the same level of skill when the two are compared side by side. Roope Tonteri is arguably one of the few bucking that trend.

Check out his full part from the Finnish skate movie Dirty Connection 4 for some seriously solid tricks in the streets. Kickflip backtails, big backside flips and legit nollie backside bigspin down an 8-set are just some of the highlights in this blinder of a part.

You can check out an older, but just as sick, skate part from Roope in our '10.5 Snowboarders Who Also Kill It on Skateboards Article'