On top of the Pro Team, Rip Curl supports some riders living their search with passion. They belong to our Local Hero Program. They picked 3 out of their 75 heroes and decided to promote their video release.

Snowboarder Jean-Louis St Arneault went first, followed by French freeskier Nathan Gaidet. So here comes Matevz Macek from Slovenia.

Rip Curl Local Hero #3 : Matevz Macek

Going in his 20th season, Matevž has gone through many stages and trends in snowboarding. He rode boardercross, kickers and even some street rails back in the days. Now it is all back to the roots, the way he started: hiking and riding the mountains. In those past six years, he had more or less a regular job, but he always finds the time for some powdays in between. Searching around with the Untouched project crew is his main focus.