15 year old Reid Smith rips! Check out his most recent edit, shot over just a 2 week period at Windells.

Reid Smith is an East Coast kid who has been cropping up in various edits over the past season. And with considerable skills on both rails and jumps, including double corks and tricks like backside 270 to fakie on rails, Reid is definitely one to watch over the coming years.

Reid hit up Windells camp this summer and managed to log all of this footage in a short two week period before somehow breaking his elbow doing a straight air... It's always goes wrong on the tricks that you least expect eh?

It goes without saying that Reid is waaay better than straight airs, with some big, stylish 720s and even a cheeky backside double cork under his belt. He's got plenty of tricks dialled on rails too and will only be getting better as he fills out, so be sure to remember the name!