Will Smith's full part from Postland's 'Connect the Dots' has just dropped and it's fire. Watch this young buck from the UK throw down in the streets with technical rail tricks and crazy board control!

It's pretty mad to think that Will grew up sliding a carpet in Yorkshire. These days, he spends his winters scouring Europe, the Americas and further beyond for new street rails to hit and following some hammer parts in UK crew the Grindhouse, Will is now making waves on the European scene with his appearances in the Postland movies.

His most recent part was only filmed in 9 days, and showcases the breadth and depth of Will's snowboarding. From technical tricks, to big gap to rails, and much more, Will is one exciting dude to watch on a snowboard.

We've just been informed that Will has just been promoted to the Vans Europe team, and we have to admit that we're not surprised in the slightest. Kid's got talent and a great attitude to boot. Big up homie!

Watch all of the ‘Connect The Dots’ parts below: