The stars have aligned, the dots have been connected and we've come full circle on Postland's excellent new Euro-centric shred-fest. Check out Toni Kerkela's ender part for 'Connect The Dots' above, and be sure to download the whole damn movie for free right here.

Toni Kerkela is on a tear at the moment. Having already scored the ender of KBR's 'King Cobra', Toni makes it 2 out of 2 with his full part from Postland Theory's masterpiece 'Connect the Dots'.

A true snowboarder's snowboarder, Toni's tricks are always done proper with incredible style. Every one-foot is extended to the max, every boardslide is dead between the bindings, and every press is locked to perfection. There are few riders in Europe, if not the world, who make technical street snowboarding look this effortless.

Not to mention of course that Toni is one of the nicest, most humble kids around.

Watch all of the ‘Connect The Dots’ full parts below: