No question about it, Kas Lemmens' new full part from Postland's 'Connect The Dots' is one of the European parts of the year. Check it now!

Over the past couple of seasons, Kas Lemmens has quickly risen from unknown Dutch dome kid to one of the most respected rail riders on the European scene.

His brand new full part from the new Postland movie 'Connect The Dots' has dropped, and it's safe to say that it's one of the stand out parts of the year. Not only is Kas incredibly fun to watch snowboard, with a fresh approach to riding thanks to some creative multi-hit lines, but he's got all of the tricks to boot.

From big gap to lipslides, to back 270 on to fakies, to that ridiculous front board ender, Kas is a rider with very big things on the horizon. Don't miss the cameo appearances from Danny Larsen and Jesse Augustinus either.

If you feel like immortalizing this part forever and ever, you can download the full thing here.