For all you twenty-somethings out there moaning about your aching knees, take a look at this edit from 46 year old Swiss snowboarder Patrick Streule and quit bitching.

So Patrick here may not be quite as flexible as your everyday super grom pulling 450 offs out the bag like they ain't no thang, but he's still very much holding it down on the kickers an rails. Definite inspiration for all for you child-wielding dad boarders out there!

Born in 1968, Patrick Streule from Herrliberg, Switzerland is still going hard on Boxes, Rails and Kickers. As son of a ski factory owner and former member of the swiss ski team i learned skiing at the age of one. At the age of 15 I joined the regional selection of the swiss ski super g race team. By the age of 17 i started snowboarding and since then never got back on skis again. Even tough my bones and knees are not like the ones of a 17 year old i still try to go pretty hard for my age.

In 2013 i got third place at the seniors strike back event in wildhaus, an event for snowboarders over 30 in which i was way the oldest dude. This season edit was filmed in hooch ybrig, laax and kaunertal. Thanks to my wifey, my daughter, my dad, chrigi beeler, rene polet, hannes and boeni from nitro switzerland and the nbc park shaper kru.