Check out Pat Moore's entry for the 2014 X Games Real Snow Backcountry contest. Pat charges so hard!

Pat Moore is one of the most exciting riders to watch on the planet right now. Not only the ex-Forum rider go huge in the streets, but he's also no stranger to sending it in the backcountry. There aren't many riders who can say they've had both full street and backcountry parts in the same movie but Pat is one of them.

His street riding aside, Pat's new Real Snow Backcountry part is 60 seconds of massive hits set to loud, in-your-face rock music. It's the perfect accompaniment to Pat's riding, accentuating his powerful approach to stomping tricks in powder.

Highlights here have to be the switch backside double cork followed by backside double cork, showing that Pat has the technical tricks as well as the amplitude.

Watch all of the X Games Real Snow Backcountry 2014 edits released so far here. Which do you think should win?: