We've been thoroughly impressed by the Pain in Spain parts. Marc Salas steps up to take the ender in the movie and it's not difficult to see why.

With some big, burly backcountry tricks and some refined skate-style street riding, it's clear to see that Marc Salas has talent in spades. His ender in Pain in Spain is creative, technical and full of hammers, everything you'd want in a good final section of a snowboard movie.

Spanish snowboarding may not have the biggest profile compared to some other European countries but if this is anything to go by it's getting bigger and better every year! Give Marc's part a watch and when you're done, go and check out the preceding parts below if you haven't already:

Pain In Spain Pt. 1 – Fran Massaguer

Pain In Spain Pt. 2 – Lorenzo Ruiz & Roberto ‘Pepino’ Menacho

Pain In Spain Pt. 3 – Matias Ian

Pain In Spain Pt. 4 - Pepe Sanchez & Fer Natalucci