Spanish crew Jib Kung Do released the first part of their new snowboarding project called 'Pain in Spain'. People have been referring to the bad economic situation and high unemployment rate which can be most likely fixed only through painful reforms as to 'Pain in Spain'. There have been also some demonstrations and riots.. Well, these guys decided to take it to the streets in a slightly different manner.

Snowboarding in Spain is on the rise and you can easily see that in the level of snowboarding in this movie. Fran Massaguer scored the opener and shows why he belongs to the best jibbers in Spain these days. Besides Fran's part you can also check out the 'Pain in Spain' intro. Two heavy parts are dropping next Monday. You can look forward to Roberto Menacho and Lorenzo Ruiz full parts.

The whole movie is featuring those riders - Fran Massaguer, Lorenzo Ruiz, Roberto Menacho AKA Pepino, Matias Ian, Fer Natalucci, Pepe Sanchez and Marc Salas.

More info – Jib Kung Do Facebook Page