If killing it on his snowboard wasn't enough, turns out that Ozzy Henning rips on a skateboard too! Check out his full skate part here.

Ozzy Henning is one of our favourite snowboarders to watch right now. His snowboarding is stylish, super technical and dynamic to watch, and his recent part in the new Absinthe movie 'Heavy Mental' is all the proof you need.

Turns out that Ozzy rips on a skateboard too, and although this isn't snowboarding, (and we know that a lot of snowboarders also skate), we thought this was worth a share.

His skating may not be as immediately eye-catching as Scott Stevens' (seriously though, whose is?), but Ozzy has some serious tricks in here. From the backside feeble on the first hand rail, to the snowboard influenced front blunt pretzel, to the massive hardflip ender, Ozzy has a big bag of tricks and the style to go with it. Solid!

Guess we better add him to our 10.5 Professional Snowboarders who Also Kill It on Skateboards post then...