Travis Rice can do no wrong in our books, and that includes GoPro selfie filming! Join Trav on an incredible run through chest deep powder in Japan and get hyped for the follow up to 'The Art of Flight'!

Everything about Travis Rice is larger than life, even when he's taking a a GoPro down through the trees with him in Japan. Watch him charge through powder and struggle to keep the snow from filling his lungs as he blasts through some of the deepest snow you'll find anywhere on the planet.

These are the kind of turns that us mere mortals can only dream of, but it's great to see Travis living the moment up close and personal. I think we can all relate to that scream of joy at the end of his run, and it was certainly justified.

We can't wait to check out the follow up to The Art of Flight. Find out what we know about the new movie below:

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