Nils Arvidsson came in with some backcountry bangers for this final part of 'The Search Is Everything' by Ripcurl.

Shacked up in BC last winter, it seems like the Swede has been having a lot of fun with the team but apparently it's not all as easy as it looks out there:

"During a trip with the Chamaleon crew in Arlberg, I did a scorpion right after landing a trick. I almost thought i broke my back at first but after a few days off I was good to go again!"

Still, despite the close calls, it must be hard not to get stoked when things do go well. And according to Nils there were plenty of those times too - we're not surprised as the Ripcurl crew has already put out some strong material. If you haven't seen them yet be sure to check out the rest of the edits that have gone down this year.