In the onslaught of Norwegian edits, we take a break from scheduled programming to bring you Moritz Kaufmann's season edit. We've seen Moritz around and about on some of the QParks comps, as well as some shots in a few Nitro edits, so we're hyped to see he's brought it all together.

He's an Austrian native with a smattering of decent results in comps, including some podium finishes on the World Rookie Tour, Absolut Park Jib King, and a handful of other comps in Central Europe.

Moritz, as a whole, looks a bit tidier on the rails than he does on the kickers; although we're sure once he beefs up a bit, he'll bring a little more amplitude to the party - which is always helpful trying to get them rotations round.

If the front 3 off the toes at about 1:59 in, is a bit of a glimer of what Moritz has got in store for us, we'll start pitching in some charity pies to get him a bit farther down the landings of the bigger kickers. Cab 7 isn't anything to be sniffed at either...