Mons Røisland is a 17 year old ripper from Norway who has just sent us this sick edit from his time out in Breckenridge, Colorado. Dude flippin' sends it!

Mons Røisland has been on our radars for a while now as one of the most promising up and coming young dudes out of Norway (and there are a LOT of them...), and his most recent edit from his time out in Breckenridge, Colorado fully backs up our assertions.

With a hearty helping of solid rail switch and regular rail tricks stomped as clean as a whistle, and a full-on terrorizing of Breck's big kicker line with tricks like switch backside 9s, front 10s off the toes, cab 10s and a quite frankly insane switch backside double cork 1260, it's easy to see that Mons has got a shit-ton of potential.

Hit play above and remember the name, this kid means business!