Well, if this is Mikko Rehnberg's b-roll footy, we're pretty curious as to what he's got in store for his a-roll footage. The Nordic territories are like some weird darklands of snowboarding - whilst we keep the best eye possible on riders over there, every week another decent rider spawns and releases an edit. It's insane.

Mikko's had a few shots in the 292crew edits from a few seasons back, and clinched the gold at the World Rookie Fest in Livigno in February, beating Norwegian w√ľnderkind Haakon Eilertsen in the process.

As with all Finns, Mikko looks like he has the edge control of a katana wielding ninja. It's like all Finns have to go to the 'Peetu Piiroinen School of Pop', and the 'Joni Malmi College of Edge Control' before they're allowed to drop an edit.

Because of his surgical precision on the old effective edge, Mikko can drop off-the-toes action at the drop of a hat. There's not many 18-year olds that have a switch frontside rodeo 720 in their repertoire that we know of.

On that topic, there's not many riders that can put a switch backside double 12 down either. Oh, and he's got some very decent street skills as well.

Rehnberg be good.