Matt Chase is a young snowboarder out of Hyland Hills, Minnesota who has been blowing up in the snowboard world thanks to some ridiculously heavy street clips and shots from Mt. Hood this summer.

Matt Chase has a great style and is probably packing two watermelon-sized testicles into his pants as well. With flips onto rails, chunky gaps and other heavy tricks, Matt has put together a really great part here.

Being plagued with injury is not uncommon when it comes to snowboarding, but Matt has had a pretty bad run after dislocating his shoulder last season and having so many concussions that he has to take this season off.

Enjoy his full ender part from the Wild Card movie.

Matt Chase has a pretty insane season last year. After battling through heavy slams and injuries, Matt ended up with some top-notch street hammers and some crazy footage from his summer at Windells. Unfortunately, Matt will not be able to ride this season due to concussions, so we wanted to drop his ender part from Wild Card to keep up the hype. Song is You Know What I Mean by Cults. Enjoy!