This Whistler resident just dropped his full part for 2013 and, well, it's just basically EPIC. Watch this right now!

Matt Belzile has been around on the scene for a good few years but arguably has suffered from the 'Whistler Problem'. This is much like what in Europe is termed the 'Finnish Problem' (and, more recently, the 'Norwegian Problem') whereby a particular territory consistently churns out such a high number of ridiculously talented snowboarders that making a name for oneself and attracting the kind of hype necessary to be pushed onto bigger things is that much harder.

Will this part see Matt's shredding be noticed by a bigger audience? From watching it we'd have to respond with a resounding YES. Not only does he predictably crush the powder booters in his backyard, he's also no slouch when it comes to taking it downtown. And that back 10 ender? OOF!