Another day, another insanely talented Norwegian. Mats Tambini takes to the centre stage to blaze your eyeballs out with more Scanner flex.

Mats has been on a whirlwind tour of Europe with his school; the Hovden Skigymnas, another one of the snowboard schools that are smattered across Norway. How sick would it be to be able to go to a school to snowboard? It's literally ridiculous.

Mind you, we had a conversation with two NTG alumni, and they were saying the thing you've got to remember is that most riders that go to these schools, slay it before they even start. It's not like you can turn up there as a rookie and leave riding like Ståle.

Mats has got his rail game on point. He's 1.84cm in height, and he rides with that sort of tall guy style. The back blunt 630 out at 2:33 isn't anything to be sniffed at either. He's definitely not coming in slow to rails, he takes and carries his speed through the metal work and ends up pretty damn deep on the landings. Revert carve into the tubes is pretty strong as well!

All together, a damn tight edit. We're sure some people will have some complaints on the music choice, but hell, who doesn't know the words to a bit of Nelly Furtado...