Watch an absolutely giant part from Mathieu Crepel in the first leak from Almo Films' new movie 'No One Knows'. This is truly a-grade stuff right here!

Mathieu Crepel is no stranger to going big on his snowboard. With numerous Absinthe parts under his belt and a all-terrain skill set to rival Bear Grylls', Mat slays any terrain he comes across.


His brand new part from the new Almo Films movie 'No One Knows' is an absolute banger, and is stacked to the ceiling with amazing powder shots. From the opening pow butters, to the gnarly big mountain lines kicking off at the 1.15 mark, to the monstrous windlip backside 720 at 1.50 (what a shot!), there are almost too many highlights to mention here.

But don't just take our word for it. Hit play now and get a glimpse at what will be one of the best snowboard movies out this winter in Almo's 'No One Knows.