Another talented Scanner that's good at doing stunts on a snowboard, which we should probably be more used to by now, but yet again we're surprised at how good so many riders are from the Nordic regions.

Markus Östman is a 18 years young rider hailing from the north-east of Sweden, in a city called Malung. Having filmed a few shots with the FAT & FURIOUS crew this season, he's dropped this corker of a season edit; also taking the award for the first season edit from the 2014/15 season here on - although we're sure it won't be the last.

Stepping things up from his 13/14 edit, Markus has got the triple madness down with a blinder of a triple wildcat, that'd but the fear of God into most people. With a bit more pop, we reckon Markus'll have 'em under lock and key going into next season.

Some fine rail skills at Kläppen, alongside the pre-season hangout of Saas-Fee to kick things off. A fine edit from the Swede; although, we were beggining to panic when we heard the first opening bars of 'Sweet Home Alabama' and out minds sprang to Kid Rock's slaughter of the original. Good to know Markus has a taste in music...