Norwegian kicker and rail crusher Markus Olimstad has just dropped his season edit and it's a banger!

We're not quite sure what they put in the water up in Norway but these crazy vikings are absolutely slaying shit at the moment. Markus has been churning out edits of his buddies this winter, including Jørn Simen Aabøe, him and his bros at Folgefonna and most recently, Thomas Hübert, so it's sick to see Markus getting some video real estate of his own here.

Although Markus has a definite habit of losing his beanie mid-trick, he managed to not let it distract him and put down some really solid tricks, including a bunch of big double corks, 1080s and some tech rail trickery in the park and streets. Keep an eye out for Markus, kid's coming up!